The Nuclear Debate – Thrashing Australia for political gains

A letter to the Melbourne newspaper The Age

The Wikipedia summarises the costs of power generation installation by source.

The details are referenced and can be found on the agency’s website.

From 2010 to 2020, the costs to install photovoltaic felt from $396.1 per MWh to $32.80 or by 92%. The costs of onshore wind farms fro $149.30 to 34.10 – a reduction by 77%.

The costs of nuclear felt from $119% to $90.1 to 2018, a reduction by just 24%. The gains are not expected to be big, the costs are too high and no nuclear reactors are expected to be built in US if not actively pushed by other than economic reasons. So the agency stopped to rate them in 2019.

Michael Angwin from Hawthorn is wrong accusing the CSIRO of not doing the task to bring the costs down. It is just putting lipstick on a pick. That is not the job of scientists.

I worked at the Institute for Electrical Engineering at the Technical University in Berlin in the 90ies. It was clear then that nuclear power does not have a future. That has not changed.

We will bake in high energy prices for decades to come if we build nuclear power stations. It will take more than a decade until the first kilowatt is available. It will be unwanted and has to be propped up by the government to stay online ands will need government money if they do not generate energy any more.

The coalition is dragging our economy backwards for decades by now. To stay on this topic (not mentioning our car industry or NBN): It was coal, then gas, now nuclear. This is another thrashing of Australia for political gains.

It is not enough just to report politics like a football game. We have to check facts. Otherwise, the football that gets kicked is us, the people.